Social responsibility
At Elite Digital Industries, we deal with sensitivity and the highest ethical standards with respect to customer matters, through our constant endeavor to have a positive impact on all these aspects. In 2009, we placed our focus on fast delivery and high quality globally. Health, Occupational Safety and Environment The safety and health of our employees is one of our top priorities.
Our approach is to ensure quality assurance
As one of the most important global standards for continuous development and growth, Elite Digital Industries Company has implemented and activated the quality management system which is subject to continuous internal control to ensure that the operations are within the international standards.
For our customers
  • Build a trust and loyalty relationship with the company's customers.
  • Increase the true value of print quality.
  • Producing and providing all the requirements of the local and international market with the highest quality.
  • Meet current and future needs of the company's markets.
  • Striving for the highest satisfaction of our customers.
For the employer
  • Preserving the rights of the employer.
  • Achieve the best returns and development.
For our employees
  • Continuous development and training of employees.
  • Applying occupational health and safety standards in the work environment.
  • Create a working group with initiative, commitment, high affiliation and superior professionalism.
  • Adoption of standards of fairness and respect in mutual treatment.